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Summertime Soccer
Hey all, Registration for Summer season is live!   Dates:...
Weather Policy
Games are still on for today (4/18/15). Our weather policy is below. 1. For...
Next Season Details
Spring 2014 Season Details Registration for our Spring 2014 outdoor...
Summertime Soccer

Hey all,

Registration for Summer season is live!  

Dates: Begins 6/13; We play an 8-game season with the last game on 8/8.  No game July 4th.
When: Saturday mornings between 9am and 1pm
Where: YSI Soccer complex (for map click here)
Cost: $55 to register; $5 early bird discount through 5/11; late fee starts 5/25; registration closes 6/1.

You can visit the registration tab on our website, or for your convenience, click the links below for registration:

Receational League  

Open League

Please be sure to list your preferred team and captain, if you have one.  If you leave those questions blank we will assign you as we see fit.  


  • Play will be 8 v 8 with goalkeepers on large goals. 
  • Rosters will be capped at 12 players per team.  Note:  If you have more than 12 players please tell them to register with your team and we'll sort out final rosters once registration is closed.
  • Substitutions will be "on-the-fly" like indoor soccer.
  • Matches will consist of 4 (four) 20-minute quarters with 2 minute breaks.
  • Balls over the touchline will be kicked-in (no throw-ins).  Goals cannot be scored directly from a kick-in.  You can score on a corner kick.
  • No slide tackles allowed.
  • Mercy Rule - once a team gets ahead by 5 goals, the team that is winning must remove 1 player from the field.  If a team gets ahead by 8 goals, the  opposing team can add 1 player.
  • No offsides.
  • No "camping" inside the penalty area.  If an attacking player is in the penalty area more than 5 seconds the referree will grant an indirect free kick to the defending team.




by posted 04/29/2015
Weather Policy

Games are still on for today (4/18/15). Our weather policy is below.

1. For turf fields, only standing or accumulating snow will cause a cancelation.¬ 

2. For grass fields, standing water or muddy conditions may cause a cancelation.

3. Lightning delays are always handled by the Referee's.

4. In the event of a tornado siren or other extreme sudden weather, the match will be canceled by the Referee.

If a match is canceled before the first half ends, all efforts will be made to reschedule it.  A match canceled during the second half is by default considered a played match.

... What this really all means is we play in rain or cold and most conditions. :)

-- jp

by posted 04/18/2015
Next Season Details
Spring 2014 Season Details

Registration for our Spring 2014 outdoor season will open mid-February.  The first game will be March 30.  Early bird registration ($5 discount) will run until March 1.  Late registration (additional $5) will commence on March 17 and registration will close March 27.  Those registering after March 23 will be excluded from the first round of games.

We will have both Open and Recreational divisions and both will play an 8 game season with most games on Sunday and some on Saturday between 9am and 5pm.  Registration fees will be $70 (early), $75 (regular) and $80 (late) for the recreational division and $75 (early), $80 (regular) and $85 (late) for Open.

We encourage everyone to sign up early to ensure your place on a team.  All players over the age of 17 are welcome to register to play.  Players under the age of 18 will be required to have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.  Players registering with LASL are required to provide all necessary personal and contact information for Kansas Soccer Association insurance purposes (part of the registration fee) and a photo likeness (head and shoulders, in focus, no other people in shot) for player ID.  Returning players should log in with their existing credentials and NOT create a new ID.

Any questions please email us at .
by posted 01/01/2010
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